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Warranty Conditions

Our Products Warranty Conditions

Warranty Periods for each product will commence on the date of purchase of the relevant Product.

To be accurate, warranty starting date will be the date that appear on the customer sales receipt obtained by the purchaser of the Product(s) at the time of purchase `{` purchasing Date `}`

The customer must fill out the warranty registration form in order to fully benefit from the warranty services, a link to the warranty registration form at the bottom of this page.

Geo Ground advises customers that any servicing or repair of the Products undertaken by Geo Ground or a Geo Ground Authorised Service Centre, regardless of whether undertaken as a result of a valid claim being made by a Purchaser under Geo Ground’s Warranty, may result in the loss of data stored on the Products.

Geo Ground branded products that are manufactured, assembled, and distributed by authorised partners of Geo Ground carry specific warranty periods from the original manufacturer which are passed on in full by Geo Ground to customers.

To be accurate, the previous point does not apply to Geo Ground products manufactured by Geo Ground’s contract manufacturers which Geo Ground warrants for specified periods directly to customers.